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First growing area with raised beds

After the greenhouse was built we added a small addition to it to house some chickens and ordered 10 Comets, a breed favored here. Didn’t like buying eggs in the store - no orange yolks! Also added two outbuildings to hold equipment and feed - so that’s it! Presto, a mini-farm on less than an acre.

Welcome to our new web site in Vermont and a very tiny organic farm. We sold our larger farm in Virginia where we raised goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, guineas - you name it for 40 years - and bountiful vegetable and flower gardens plus an all fruit orchard. Moved here in 2008 and are now living/loving Vermont.  (OK, we were originally from New England so not a major change).

We started out here in Vermont with just six raised beds and now have seventeen.... so guess we’re growing again. These beds are 4' x 8' and the ground is wet most of the time so raised  beds best solution. Visit our news page for updates and photos and to just find out what's going on.  Plenty of farming tips and information for the small farmer on our tip page.

We hope you will visit our site often as we develop the content, add articles and have more tips on growing and raising animals on a small farm or homestead so return soon to view the new information and links.

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