Entwood Farm

     Hinesburg, Vermont

Sam, Sandy & Chris Rivkin

Entwood Farm, since 1970

Hinesburg, Vermont, since 2008

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Sam is a former marine biologist who worked with oyster culture at the Virginia Institute Of Marine Science. He started growing vegetables organically in the seventies and applied his science background and scientific methods to growing.  Read more….

Oil Painting of Sam's pumpkin

Paintings-click image

We are organic growers supporting sustainable farming and hope everyone is growing whatever, wherever they can.

Sandy Chichester (Rivkin)

I’m an artist and biological illustrator, interested in all of nature and especially concerned with species now endangered.  My paintings are done in oils and watercolor and the biological drawings are rendered in ink, graphite and color mediums.  Click on the pumpkin to view my oil paintings and the sawfly for the pages of illustrations.  Contact me…

Graphite drawing

Sawfly: click image for  biological illustrations and drawings and list of recent publications

Vermont Snapshots

A few of our photos, usually taken with my phone and gives an “around us” view of Vermont. The slide show will change as new photos are added and others deleted. And, Vermont does have cities, Burlington, and beautiful small towns, mountains and skiing.