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Drawing The Natural World

Examples of recent work.

In the animation below the drawings are from “Sensuous Seas, Tales of a Marine Biologist”, by Eugene Kaplan.

View more drawings from “What’s Eating You ,
People and Parasites”, Click Here…
Both published by
Princeton University Press.

Examples of Published Work   click here to view illustrations

“What’s Eating You?, People and Parasites”, Eugene Kaplan

“Sensuous Seas, Tales of a Marine Biologist”, Eugene Kaplan

Contributed to “Animal Architects”, James Gould

Contributed to “How the Ocean Works: An Introduction to Oceanography, Mark Denny

“A Field Guide to Coral Reefs” and “Southeastern & Caribbean Seashores”.

“Experiences in Life Science, A Laboratory Guide”

“Problem Solving in Biology, A Laboratory Workbook”

Endangered! Green Sea Turtle

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