Entwood Farm

     Hinesburg, Vermont

Baking potato

Our 2.3 lb. Baking potato

Our laying hens

Our “Comets” - great layers and calm, easy to handle

Endive doing well

Endive in the raised bed


Strawberries-great crop this year and still producing in Aug.

Another raised bed


Pushing aside the mulch and pulling out the potatoes.  No digging! Read more…

Now in our 7th year of trying to give up farming. Well, we’re in our eighties so maybe we can use that as an excuse to stop working our butts off, but no, that’s not fun so will keep at for a few more years.

Farm News- 2015

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Winter’s Coming!

An Ent tree Garden under snow Snow covered greenhouse

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2015 Photos

9/15 - Canning fruit juice, mainly grape now and doing pear and apple juice next.

9/9 - The weather breaks today and temps will drop out of the 90’s and back to the 70’s. Tomatoes were happy at 90 but not us. Canning continues and made quarts of tomato/veggie juice. Picked all winter squash that seemed mature and survived the borers. More squash coming.

Still eating the Endive which was transplanted to the garden.

September - Finally in the 80’s and getting ripe tomatoes & plenty of summer squash.  Winter squash got hit by borers which was unusual and a surprise. We cut out the borers and plants survived but could be doing better. Planted turnips where the garlic was-doing well. We have so many string beans frozen that were letting the rest go to seed for next year. So, now mostly tomatoes, peppers, greens and waiting to see if the second planting of peas flower and produce.

Canning starts soon and froze 4 gallon bags of our neighbors corn for coming year.  We’ll be freezing tomatoes until there is enough to can. We do the same with the berries. Greenhouse tomatoes still doing well and will do so until the temp really drops.

August - Beans are being harvested and frozen for the winter.  More than enough-done well. Potatoes are in and one of the baking potatoes is over 2 lbs. Carrots in too and being stored in buckets filled with pine shavings-alternative version of a root cellar. Lots of apples this year and looking forward to making juice and applesauce. We have been very cool so peppers and tomatoes still a little behind.                                 Top

July - The garlic is harvested, a little late, but did well.  Strange pepper plant is now trying to produce more. Peas are over and we ate ourselves silly, but did manage to get plenty in the freezer. In spite of cool weather and a lot of rain the tomatoes, peppers and squash are doing well and should mature in a month or so.  We are getting ripe tomatoes from the greenhouse. Of course, lots of zucchini.

June - Garlic looks great! And not affected by brutal winter. All veggies coming along in spite of constant rain and lower temps.  The potatoes are doing well and we have had so many strawberries from one 4 X 8 bed that most are in freezer.  Red pepper (‘strange pepper plant’) that was started in house is finally outside and has 3 peppers turning red. Amazing! Will use seeds from these next year.  The endive started so early inside is now giving us our salad greens.

May - Very late this year do to crazy up and down weather and now the temp is 80. Tomatoes and peppers still in greenhouse but beds are ready.  Asparagus did very well and now almost over. Crop so good needed to freeze some as we did last year. Asparagus planted in one 4' x 8' bed - plenty for us with some to share.

April - Started seeds, endive,, squash, tomatoes, peppers, and herbs in a warm room, 70-80 degrees, with artificial full spectrum light complemented with window sunlight. Pepper has many blossoms and started fruit. A strange plant…. With tiny peppers.

March - Really cold so no activity except in house. Indoor tomato plants hit with spider mites :-( but strange pepper doing well. Were started very early as experiment as season so short here for this type of veggie.  Last year tomatoes started in house gave us very early tomatoes after moving to the garden.

February - Planted a few pepper seeds and early greenhouse tomatoes in the house.  Pepper seeds from red organic pepper purchased at local store. Early tomatoes started out well.    Top

Canning full time now and have started the apple sauce and apple juice. 21 jars of apple sauce so far.


Tomatoes in and wrapped in newspaper. Beds cleaned up and readied for winter.  Herbs in pots and in the house.

Removed older plants from greenhouse and new greens are growing.

Surprise! We just harvested a second batch of carrots which were to over winter, but were mature enough to harvest now.
Put up a canner load of pickles… great recipe and will post on site.

Continuing preserving apples in every way we can -
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Oct 1 and still harvesting in Vermont! We did take in the green peppers, squash, tomatoes and zucchini as possible frost predicted but didn't happen.

9/20 - Drying the hot peppers !   
Making Pico de Gallo, and more juice as we have several bushels of apples, and much work outside in greenhouse and raised beds-getting ready for colder weather.

Juices came out great!  Good way to use up extra fruit.  Using Champion juicer and will try in new blender too.


October -

November -

The greenhouse now has Arugula and the transplanted Endive is still producing.  Remember we planted the Endive last March in the house.  Some Spinach, Turnip greens and Kale outside so most of our salads still coming from the gardens. Preparing the article on the Endive.

Last of stored tomatoes eaten (sigh) and still harvesting the Endive and also moved some into greenhouse.  Doing well in both places.

Weather great and temps high for Vermont.  Eating the green tomatoes as they turned, have more canning to do - mainly juice from frozen berries/fruit we collected over the summer.  Celery still in cold frame and will bring it in to freeze for soups and other dishes.

December -

Greenhouse still giving us salads and herbs- finally snow 12/30
Finished the last of the grape juice canning and will soon start seeds in house for next season.  Using water spray and fan to prevent cure spider mites.  Herbs from garden doing fine in our sunny window especially the Basil.  We are storing root vegetables in bucket or leaving them to winter over.

Frost and freezing temps finally here at night. No snow yet.