Entwood Farm

     Hinesburg, Vermont

Farm News- 2016

Our first snow - Dec. 29, 2015.  Wow, that’s a record!

February - Set up our winter growing rack and lights.

Started peppers, tomatoes, endive, cilantro and some sprouts. Very little snow, warm temps.

March - All plants are doing well and lights are excellent and we have good growth. Have harvested the endive and some endive survived in the green house.

Continuing the sprouts and found sunflower sprouted is the best!

April - A warm April and all plants under the lights continue to do well. We have been harvesting some of the herbs, basil & cilantro, so have planted more.  Also harvested all the endive and replanted trays to go outside when warmer.

May - Colder now and we had frost this month so moving the plants outside, except for the greenhouse, can’t be done yet.  As tomatoes and green peppers were getting so large we did move them into the greenhouse and moved some endive to add to what wintered over there.

Mid May warmer and asparagus has outdone itself and we have really eaten plenty and been giving some away. Picked up six pullets to add to flock of four with the usual contentions and fussing.

Potatoes are in, strawberries doing well, peas up, garlic getting ready for harvest, cabbage, carrots planted.  By the end of month we were able to put the peppers and tomatoes into the garden.  Had several 80 degree days which helped.

June 1 - Ripe tomatoes! Not bad for Vermont. Pullets have started to lay and everything looks great.  Sam working non-stop and we both been putting in full days.  Herbs, especially the basil, are doing well and I don’t remember having such a good planting.

Our set up, lights and rack

Peppers on April 30

Slide show of this growing season will be coming soon