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     Hinesburg, Vermont

In My Garden Series

Around and About - On the Farm

After purchasing a digital camera I started taking photographs of my flowers and the animals on the farm thinking the images could be ideas for paintings and also would record our life over time.
As I had been working with computers and graphic software for many years it wasn’t long before I started altering the images and the results of that effort is what you see here and I soon realized my ‘reference’ photo had become art work on its own

These photographs are printed on archival papers and have been exhibited and sold in several galleries and at other venues. They are available for purchase, printed in three sizes and as greeting cards. Click here for details and more information.… (details and pricing coming soon-email if you have any questions)

Dahlia out doing itself

Photographs - On Our Farm

The Sun's Flower

The daylilies are always so incredible and their colors intense. These daylilies are all in my garden and the renderings, small or large, framed or greeting card are available for purchase.

Iris Dogwood

Slide show of available prints.  All digitally altered photographs printed on archival papers for framing or card stock for cards.

More Than a Day

Day After Day

Day of Gold

One Brief Moment

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